Other Entertainment Needs?

How about other types of shows?

Merlin does shows other than Birthday Parties for much larger groups!

These include large and small stage performances, Fund Raisers, Festivals, Schools, Organized groups (cubs, scouts, etc.), Day Care, Seniors, Banquets and Social and Special Events - for all ages. Please contact for specifics and pricing.

Want a Regular Magician Instead?

Don’t like costumed characters (particularly wizards)? Far from being regular, award winning comedy magician Bruce Hunt can fill the bill for you! You can see what he has to offer at HaveWandWillTravel.com

Santa Claus?

Merlin is a very good friend of Mr. and Mrs. Claus too! If your club or organization would like a visit from them at the annual Christmas Party, or maybe a special home visit before Christmas day, please contact Merlin for more information.

Special Events!

Contact Merlin at: merlin@BirthdayPartyWizard.com if you have something magical in mind other than a Birthday Party. He will show up to your Store Opening, Wedding, Magic teaching session for schools, clubs, and Recreational facilities. What better way to introduce a new product to the public than by magic? Merlin (or his alter-ego Comedy Magician Bruce Hunt) can develop the perfect method to make a product, the company CEO, or anything else you desire - appear magically! For that matter, he can make it disappear too! A fantastic attraction for a trade-show booth. All of your entertainment needs MET!

Community Based Events!

Most Communities have a special “Day” to celebrate their unique standing in this great Province. Merlin has helped celebrate many of these special festival days, and can make the event even more special by doing street magic for the public, or a series of shows in a centrally located spot.

Lights! Sound! Backdrop!

If you have a larger event and want to book Merlin, but don’t have a proper backdrop or sound system - Merlin has it for an extra fee! A large 10’ X 8’ or a smaller 8’ X 8’ curtained backdrop, a professional sound system with music, a 10’ X 10’ tent (without walls) and a few can-par lights can be supplied if needed.